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Ready to become an E2E Vendor?

Earth 2 E-Town believes that a thriving community can help contribute to a thriving planet, which is why we are inviting YOU to share your products & services with our visitors!

Outdoor Market

The Earth-Centered Maker's Market

This is our second year hosting artists, creators, and curators that work in natural or recycled/repurposed materials for an Earth-Centered Art Fair! Our craft show is about sustainability and quality hand-made, repurposed, and thrift items.

Food Vendors

We are asking our food vendors to consider using "green packaging" (biodegradable or paper products) for the majority of your take-away food items for this event. Food vendors who provide proof of eco-friendly packaging and/or utensils will be offered a discount rate Please note: Since this is an Earth Day festival, we are not accepting Styrofoam food packaging at this event.

Clouds in Sky

100% of our vendor fees support our free community event! 

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